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Dave Lock N’ Keys Locksmith Aurora CO

Dave Lock N’ Keys began operations with an objective in mind. This objective was to provide the residents of Aurora CO quick, cost effective locksmith solutions. To begin, we first identified and finalized the list of the services that would be offered by us.

These services are – a) Broken Key repair- As the terminology indicates, we can replace the broken key with a new key programmed to function like the old one. Our technology gives us the edge by giving us the capability to create a carbon copy of the broken key. b) Lost Key repair- In this scenario where we do not have any template to work on, our skilled employees are experienced enough to examine the car and the lock and then make an exact near replica of the lost key. c) Ignition Repair- Sometimes customers face a situation where the ignition barrel seizes up. In these situations, our skilled employees can examine the barrel and do the repair by either removing it completely or leaving it in the car as per the situation. d) Transponder Reprogramming- We posses both tools and expertise to reprogram any transponder chip of different car models. e) Lock repair-We can examine and repair car locks without removing it from the car or damaging the car. f) Car Opening by emergency auto locksmiths- In cases where the owner requests the car to be opened in the absence of the key, it is done without harming the car in any way.

After defining our services, we then concentrated on the tools required to offer the above services. These tools are – a) Employ individuals who are the best in the trade- All car owners look for the best skilled employees. Keeping this in mind, we have employed the best locksmiths Aurora CO. These skilled employees have years of experience in the field and can provide answers to any problem faced. b) Always be available to the customer- We are aware that you may need assistance at any time in the day and on any day in the year. Hence we are always available to help you throughout the entire year. c) Maintain extremely low response times – Service is of no use if it is not fast. Keeping this in mind, Dave Lock N’ Keys reaches the place of distress in an average response time of 30 minutes. d) Ensure all skilled employees have the necessary tools- We are aware that our technician will not know which tools he needs unless he examines the car. Hence, we have provided all our skilled employees with world-class tools for every type of repair needed. e) Do the repair immediately- We know that customers do not like their cars to sit in a repair shop while it is being repaired. Hence, we ensure that all repairs are done immediately. Our technology helps us do the repair on the spot. f) Conduct thorough background verification on all employees- Since we are in the world of locksmith Aurora CO services for cars, it becomes extremely necessary to protect our customers and their cars. Hence, before hiring any individual we do a detailed verification of that individual. Only individuals who have never been in trouble with the law are hired.

After defining the tools needed by us to provide the necessary repairs, we then refined the process of our customer interaction before the service is provided. We began with the first point of contact- Rather than have individuals who have no knowledge about locksmith services in Aurora CO handle the phones; we have actual locksmiths who answer the phone lines. This puts customers at ease, as they know that the person at the other end can decode the problem and provide the required solutions. The next step was the costing provided to the customer- To ensure transparency, we provide all customers a total breakdown of the entire cost of the service. However, we never push any customer into buying our service. This way the customer has the freedom to make the final decision. The third step is the place where the actual repair is performed- We never take the car to a repair shop. We know that all customers are extremely critical when it comes to paying for the hours the car was in the repair shop. So we have removed the repair shop from the equation. All our skilled employees can conduct the repair immediately irrespective of the type of repair required. This helps the customer see the actual repair and puts their mind at ease.

So contact Dave Lock N’ Keys Aurora CO irrespective of the time or the day and we will reach out to you and provide you the assistance you need.